Message from Arishma

We are in the health and wellness space, specialising in helping individuals reduce stress, anxiety and pressure. Whether it is at work, school, home, sports or in our relationships, we strive to perform better in our quest for self growth. That is human nature. We compete for appreciation, recognition, attention and accomplishments. High performers understand that the higher you climb, the harder the climb becomes. Not only because the competition gets tough, but because this is the time that we are faced with balancing our drive with our self care.

In my own personal journey, I have experienced waves of success while simultaneously living in shadows of self-doubt. My life long pattern was to continuously strive and drain my energy in doing so. In accomplishing my goals, I sacrificed my health, mental well being and peace in my relationships. My underlying belief was that success comes at a cost. What I have learned is that it does not have to be like that. Now I choose thrive, instead of strive. This is how Thrive With EFT was born.

My hope for you is to feel empowered, to reach your goals, fulfil your passion, achieve emotional freedom and to find your own thrive, your own way to thrive.

Warm regards, Arishma.


"You can see her passion and vulnerability shine from her chest which is

really really beautiful. You have a really strong powerful presence about you.

When you shine girl, you are mesmerising!"

— Sam Cawthorn, Speaker’s Institute

Corporate Seminars.

Optimise performance with a seminar or workshop tailor made to your needs. Thrive with EFT specialises in engaging and interactive live and virtual presentations.

In this video, employees of Experian Data Quality, Sydney, share their thoughts on Arishma and her demonstration of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

"Arishma, you have a remarkable stage presence. Absolutely captivating! I don't use that word lightly. That's one side and on the other side you have a real answer. I understand EFT techniques. I have seen it work. you know that

it works! There is such a huge number of people, not just in this country, not just in Fiji but all round the world for people who want to connect."

— Demian Coorey, Totally Clear

Speakers Reel 2018.

Arishma is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker who is passionate about bringing EFT to the corporate world.

She shares openly about her own journey, and speaks on sales performance, managing workplace stress, and women’s empowerment.

Here is showcase of some of Arishma’s speaking engagements and testimonials from 2018.

"I like the way Arishma framed it. I found her professional. She shared her personal story, so that made it easy to relate to. I could feel that she was also working with the intuition of what was the best that could be drawn out... its really applicable. Time to change the world"

— Gillian Kozicki, Cultured Artisans

Testimonial reel.

The feedback we get on our events is consistently overwhelming. Some describe them as life-changing.

Our thanks to the participants of this workshop in Crows nest, who graciously gave their feedback on camera.



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